(EN) From Wales to Poland

To be precise – from Brecon to Rabka. This is the first stage of our move.
Agnieszka and Sara are already in Poland. I’m still in Brecon, trying to pack up, sell some stuff (anyone needs a Ford Focus??), and generally turn the lights off. Still a lot to do.
Today we had confirmation from The Gibbs Charitable Trust that they give £2.000 for L’Arche Kenya.
So, we have only £128.000 to raise! (Yes, yes – the target of our fundrising is £130.000 as this is not only for our salaries, but also for the plot of land where Effatha House is built on).
But as Jane (from L’Arche ODF) says – “if one, good, reputable charitable trust will support L’Arche Kenya, the others are likely to follow”
I have to say here – a big thanks to you Jane for all great work you do!
And also a big THANK YOU to The Gibbs family for supporting L’Arche (not only by giving this grant, but mostly by being a close friends to Brecon community)
I promised Jane to do some further research over this weekend to find charitable trusts which are likely to support L’Arche Kenya, so I hope I will manage to do that tomorrow.    Dominik

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