(EN) First snow in Rabka

IMG_3499It’s mid-October and none of us expected to see snow so early his year, especially baby Sara who even didn’t know that something like snow exists. Yesterday at least we were able to go for a walk, but today the snow is so high that even our ‘heavy duty’ pram is not able to combat it. Fortunately the electricity has been repaired. Yesterday we have power cuts several times during the day as the snow was too heavy for cables and there was a danger that there would be no electricity (= no heating!!!) during the night. A lot of tree branches broke as well and some streets were closed this morning. Trees are still full of autumn leaves which soaked and become too heavy with a layer of snow on the top of them, causing big danger for passing cars and people. So it was safer to stay home, listen to the music and spend some time on the balcony looking at beaufitul winter landscape and thinking that in a few months time we will be in Africa and free from this kind of surprises (apart from power cuts of course).


4 thoughts on “(EN) First snow in Rabka

  1. Hi, It’s lovely to hear from you. Blogs are a great way of keeping in touch.

    Wow you’ve had so much snow, I wonder if Brecon will get any this year. It’s more likely we’ll have plenty of rain……again!

    All is well here, Lauren is enjoying year 3 (which we worried about as she skipped year 2) so all is good.

    Take care and keep warm!!

    1. Everything looks differnt today – most of snow melted, so I’m glad that I’ve managed to take some photos yesterday and the day before.
      I wouldn’t mind having autumn back, but this nice, sunny and colourful one, which welcomed us in September.
      And of course wite Xmas when the time comes.
      Thanks for visiting this blog. We do hope to write something about Kenya soon as many people wants to read that page. I feel that we need to explain properly how he idea of going there has been growing in us.
      … and of course we will add posts from our time there.
      Take care

  2. Dear Agnieszka

    I have been meaning to be in touch with you for so many months now for so many different reasons! The first was and is now to say CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your beautiful daughter -she looks so sweet lying there in all that snow!! The second was to ask if we might meet up again but of course I am too late for that and I read that you and Dominik and Sara are off to Africa as you had dreamed of doing -so that is wonderful for you all! And now here you are in Poland getting ready for your great move!
    Well I’m so happy that everything has turned out well for you and I look forward to being able to keep in touch via this blog and through other means as well !
    Meanwhile keep safe and warm!

    love Gillian xx

    1. Thanks Gillian,
      Initially we haven’t planned our stay in Poland for so long before our move to Africa, but grandparents requested it. Being honest we owe it to them.
      But in practice it meant that I haven’t say a proper ‘goodbye’ to so many people. It has good sites as well: I have to come back at some point. We do plan coming to Europe each year for holidays – probably around Xmas time. Not always we’ll be able to visit Poland and the UK, but for sure we’ll see again at some point – We’ll be dying to share our experience face to face, but till this time we’ll keep in touch mostly via this blog.
      Take care
      Love Agnieszka

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