(EN) Reunited…for a few (stressful) days

SaraTata wrócił! / Daddy's back!Our family / Nasza rodzinka

After 4 weeks of listening to daddy on skype at least ones a day and trying to find him at the back of computer (as the concept of a flat and unclear picture in the box representing the real person is still too abstract for Sara) he has appeared at the airport. What a day!

…but the evening brought the bad news that the moving arangements for taking to Poland our favourite furniture (and everything stocked in them during last three years) has fallen apart in the last moment. One hour after one of the phonecalls brought hope back, but two hours later we were in a squere one.

The following morning started very well with a good news that moving can be done in two stages and that a first van would arrive at two o’clock and take everything to Rabka (my family town). The second one should follow on Monday.

Thanks to Dominik everything was organised by phone; thanks to Karolina everything was organised in Brecon and the ‘moving team’ (Laura, Krzysiek, Nash) was ready on time. Only Dominik can say how stressful it is to coordinate moving being away and only Karolina and moving team can say how much energy and stress it costs them to cooperate with lorry drivers. Firstly to agree the access way to our cottage, secondly to agree amount of stuff  which should be taken (needless to say that both those things were already agreed between Dominik and drivers’ boss) That is why despate of everybody’s effort, lack of good will of lorry drivers made the first stage of moving stressful and the second stage impossible as there is no way that the rest of stuff will go in the other van which comes on Monday.

I’d better finish now before getting too bitter. Believe me, staying here and have no power over events over there has been dreadful. Fortunately Sara has been in a good mood today still cheered up by daddy’s presence. Actually, she was a star with her beautiful smile reminding us how great it is that the family is reaunited. Even moving can’t spoil it to the very end.

Thanks Sara for your smile! Thanks Karolina, Laura, Krzysiek and Nash for being there and doing everything to make moving possible.


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