(EN) Family celebration

Happy birthday to Sara and Agnieszka / Sto lat dla Sary i AgnieszkiSara eating birthday dinner / Sara je obiad urodzinowySara and Agnieszka in front of our little cottage / Sara i Agnieszka przed naszym malym domkiem

I don’t even remember when last time I celebrated my birthday with my Mum and sister. It was the first time when I celebrated it having my daughter next to me and she was celebrating as well: her  first 6 months. My Mum played  ‘sto lat’ (polish version of ‘happy birthday’) on the piano for me and Sara…. I have almost forgotten the fact that she used to play piano when we were young. Huge polish dinner was the next on the schedule.. and we all felt like after Xmas dinner. I did feel like mammy’s girl again. At the same time Sara kept being daddy’s one.

There was something magical about staying in our ‘little cottage’ afterwards, just three of us (Dominik, Sara and I) Dominik made this afternoon very special for us by lighting a fire… flames made the place even more cosy. Sara was lying between us – it was great not to do much that day, but just be together. I wish Sara could remember those moments…

One thought on “(EN) Family celebration

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday. Children always make these occasions a little more special.

    Best wishes

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