(EN) Birthday, wedding and new week



I’ve been here for less than a week, but it feels much longer. My luggage has arrived, and I was glad to put fresh clothes on (I believe that people here were happy about that as well 😉 )

As I mentioned before – just like in L’Arche, in St.Martins there are many occasions to celebrate. So, in past 5 days with others I celebrated welcoming new people to the community, birthday, and the wedding! (two of the St.Martin staff got married, and the whole community was invited – pictures above). Not mentioning that each meal in Effatha is like a feast.

Yesterday, I spent a whole day with Samuel (one of the directors of St.Martin). He took me on the tour around town, so I know where to do shopping, where is the post office, bank etc.

But now is a new week, and apart from celebrating there is a work which needs to be done. Today I participated in the meeting, to plan for the upcoming events. They expect over 1500 visitors to be here on Saturday and Sunday together, so there is a lot of logistics involved, and every little aspect must be planned carefully. I’ve been asked to organise a team, which will take care of documenting the events. Although I’m happy to do that, I have to say, that it is a challenge, as I’ve never photographed event of this size.

After the whole day of planning, I went to Effatha for dinner, and I wasn’t even surprised to see that there are 15 visitors from Italy and another birthday to be celebrated tonight. (btw – did you know that in Kenya there is tradition to pour water on someone who has the birthday, until one is totally wet??)

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