(EN) 10th Anniversary of St.Martin Community

Andrew Youmbe from L'Arche UgandaOn Saturday 14th of November there was a big celebration of 10th Anniversary of St.Martin Community.

The guests started arriving around 9 a.m. and by 9:45 there were about 500 people.

It was ecumenical event, and the leaders of 3 biggest local churches were leading the prayer. There was the leader of Presbiterian Church, the Anglican Bishop, and the Bishop of Catholic Church.

The hall where the celebrations were held was divided by the wall made of big boxes, so the people who sat on the right side could not see those on the left. During the first prayer, the wall of division was being transformed into the beautiful picture revealing the theme of the celebrations – “You are a gift”. It was a very powerful sign to see the wall of division becoming a picture of unity.

Then some guests shared their experience of being part of St.Martin community.

It was a great mix of prayer, sharing, singing and dancing!

After the official part, all guests had lunch together. It was the time, when people who haven’t seen each other for a long time could catch up, and enjoy the meeting.

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