(EN) Inauguration of L’Arche Kenya – Effatha Home

Last Sunday we celebrated Inauguration of L’Arche Kenya – Effatha Home. There were over 700 guests. Celebrations started at 10 am. Some people traveled a long distance to come to Nyahururu, and had to leave their as early as 4 am! Some of them were carrying disabled children, to enable them to take part in celebrations. It was very touching.

The celebrations were also a great example of solidarity and unity of all L’Arche communities. Members of L’Arche Uganda came to Nyahururu to join L’Arche Kenya on this beautiful occasion. They brought a lot of gifts for new sister-community. Then there was a collection of money on Saturday and Sunday, and all what was collected has been sent to L’Arche Zimbabwe! Andrew Youmbe from L’Arche Uganda, and Paul Kariuki from L’Arche Kenya went together to visit that community.

It is good to see that unity and solidarity are well and alive here.

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