(EN) Christmas

We have planned big family  celebration in Rabka hoping to have white Xmas and all family members around the table. But the weather didn’t help and the snow melted by the time of Midnight Mass. Fortunately we took Sara for a walk in her new sledges before the all snow melted and managed to take quite a few nice photos.

Family gathering didn’t worked exactly as we planned neither because Antoni got ill and couldn’t travel to Rabka with Karolina and her parents. But remaining eight people made a joyful crowd with our aunties, cousin Jurek, Maurice as our guest of honour (and Dominik’s helper in the kitchen to prepare traditional polish ‘bigos’) and Sara the smallest in the family. Xmas Eve supper is the very important time for Polish families. When the first star appears in the sky, the Christmas tree is lit and the dinner begins. The Christmas Eve meal starts with a prayer, the sharing of the blessed oplatek (consecrated bread wafer which is similar to that used during Holy Communion in the Roman Catholic Church), and exchanging wishes. For more polish customs connected with Xmas see: http://www.polishcenter.org/Christmas/WIGILIA-ENG.htm)

But Christmas without presents wouldn’t be the same. The presents which made the most emotions were the tickets to Kenya for my sister and my Mum, so they can visit us in June next year. The same set of presents received Dominik’s parents when we visited them after Christmas and the same emotions appeared again. We do hope that those tickets will make their pain of separation from us (mostly from Sara) bearable… and we all have something to wait for: family reunion in sunny Nyahururu! …but for the time being we enjoy snow in Kuczyna especially that we haven’t got much of it in Rabka.


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