(EN) Meeting L’Arche Communities in Poland

There were two reasons why we wanted to visit all L’Arche communities in Poland. First of all our guest from Kenya Maurice is a member of new L’Arche community in Nyahururu, Kenya and we wanted to give him an opportunity to visit as many communities as possible and talk to as many L’Arche members as he can manage to speak to. Secondary, as sent on L’Arche mission from the UK and Poland we wanted to share our plans and hopes with people who support us.

As L’Arche Wrocław is our ‘home-community’ (we met there and Sara was baptised in that house), we have started with spending a week with our friends in Wrocław. Straight away Sara felt home at L’Arche house and had no problem to spend some time on laps of practically each community member. Aneta helped with putting Sara to bed, Kasia with feeding and everyone with comforting our little star. We had a chance to see the workshop where most core member spend a big chunk of their life, talk a lot about development of new projects (even if some people still hoped that the big hole in the garden is not for a new house and the workshop, but for a private swimming pool !)… and in the meantime Maurice and Sara had a chance to go for their first piano concert.

The next stop was in L’Arche Poznań. This time just for one day. Dinner in one of the houses and tea and cakes in the other, but still enough for Maurice to get the interview with a Community Leader and be showed around by core members.

The visit in L’Arche Śledziejowice was even shorter, but still very valuable. We have managed to visit the workshop and day project centre, talk to people who work there. Great experience especially that everybody was already in Christmas mood and got a few things for L’Arche Kenya .. and of course to start business arrangements for exchanging products from Nyahururu and Śledziejowice workshops.

The next planned visit will be meeting L’Arche Warsaw just before getting our plane to Kenya, but life is full of surprises and gave us Taize meeting in Poznań in the meantime. And L’Arche wouldn’t miss this opportunity for meeting, would it? So without special planning we managed to meet with my friends from L’Arche Brussels where I spend two and a half years. Meeting Michel, Jean-Luc, Philip and some assistants from Belgium was a real gift to us. It was nice as well to meet somebody (Michel) who not only heard of St.Martin community, but understood its approach and spirit.

On Thursday we attended the workshop about L’Arche. The room was full of young people. Many of them came from various L’Arche or Faith and Light communities. It was really good to hear so powerful testimonies of a few L’Arche members,  enjoy play prepared by L’Arche Poznan and meet some friends we haven’t seen for a few years. Also it was good time for us to have all of them in one room, so we could say ‘good-bye’ to everyone, as it is only 4 (!) days until we depart for Kenya.

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