(EN) Greetings from Kenya

We are already in our home in Nyahururu. The journey was long, but Sara was a star: no crying, no making fuss, just pure joy of seeing so many new things and making new friends.

The take off from Warsaw was delayed as the frozen wings needed to be sorted, that is why we arrived in Amsterdam just in time to rush to another plane. We managed to catch it, but it looks like our luggage didn’t as three out of six our bags and Sara’s car seat were missing when we arrived to Nairobi. Waiting in queue for completing paperwork took ages – only Sara stayed calm and played with paper labels sticking out of bags which arrived with us as labels are still her favourite toys.

As we arrived quite late we spent a night in Nairobi. It was very, very hot even that it was a night and as we were informed the temperature dropped significantly. The next morning we spent some time to discover that we won’t get our bags that day, so we decided to go Nyahururu hoping that bags would follow us at some point. Three hours drive on bumpy road (without a child seat) could be called ‘the adventure’. Again only Sara enjoyed it and even managed to get some sleep.

When we arrived we discovered that Dominik and Sara have bags with their clothes, but all mine are missing. I had only those which I had in my hand luggage. Clothes for Sara weren’t perfect neither as the luggage with the clothes for 12-18 months arrived (she is 8 and ½ at the moment), which means that she looks a bit funny with too long trousers and sleeves.

In the evening we were invited for supper to Effatha (L’Arche house). We had a very warm welcome there and again Sara was the most important person. It was amazing to see how she not only didn’t mind, but really enjoyed to be passed from one person to the other. We had lovely supper, nice cake and prayer in the chapel. We already feel home in here.

The following morning (it means today) we woke up at eleven and haven’t managed to do much apart from food shopping and writing this post. Tomorrow we start at 9am to meet with the directors and find out how our first days here will look like.

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