(EN) The first week

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The first week in Africa has gone by. We feel more settled and Dominik started his responsibilities already on Tuesday. I still take it gently taking Sara with me whenever I go to Effatha house.
On Saturday we visited the family of a community member whose mother passed away. Traditionally each afternoon before the funeral there is a prayer held in the house. This way of saying good bye is very important here. We were told that even more important that the wedding, so even if we didn’t know that community member it was important that we went there. The prayer was very simple, the speeches of the family members, readings, singing. But it was a real beauty in this celebration full of music and dancing. Apparently that day there wasn’t many people as it was raining. On our way home we’ve seen why not many people decided to drive there. It was very muddy and driving in mud can be only compared with driving in snow or ice. It was quite a journey especially that I had Sara on my laps and we travelled in overloaded 4×4. As you can guess Sara was not the only one who sat on somebody’s laps, but it looked like core members got used to this standard of travelling. Sara adjusted as well: after being fed she even managed to get a nap.
On Sunday we joined L’Arche for a Mass. Effatha house goes each Sunday to a different church to announce L’Arche (as we would say). This time it was catholic mass in kikuyu language with lots of very rhythmic music. Sara loved the music, but there was very hot in the church, so we had to stay by the door with all the children who wanted to shake Sara’s hand, but we survived 😉
On Monday there was a very nice celebration in Effatha house – one year since the first core members were welcome into the house. We had a mass followed by the meal and the celebration. We have missed the last part of it as Sara was very tired and she desperately needed to go to bed.
The day after we and three other Italian people (two guests and one newcomer) were welcome by the Fathers in our house. We had traditional Italian pasta made by Paula and traditional Kenyan chiapatti made by Lucy who helps us in the house . Father Rafaelle brought a high-chair for Sara, so she will be able to join us at meal times. Sara was so grateful that she entertained us throughout the whole evening.

… and it was our  first week (in a nutshell)

One thought on “(EN) The first week

  1. Hello there,

    It is great to read about you and see your picture together.
    May god bless you and keep you safe during your time in Kenya.
    love and regards from,

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