(EN) Being hosts

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Our first week was about being invited and being guests in different places, but already in the second one we were mostly hosts.

First of all we had our first visitors from Poland. Wojtek Zielinski (the member of national board of L’Arche Poland) with his family have adjusted their route during their holidays in Kenya and visited us last Thursday. It was lucky for us as we could ask them to bring for us some essential goods from Poland which we cannot buy locally. Our guests were welcome by Effatha for a supper where as usually the meal finished with warm welcome and speeches, music and dancing. For the night we had to rearrange our sitting room making a huge bed for children using ours and borrowed from L’Arche matreses, Dominik and I moved to Sara’s room and we all had reasonable comfortable sleeping place. The next half a day was busy as it’s not easy to meet directors and visit St.Martin community in such a short time, but Maurice made sure that our guests used their time wisely and we are sure that they had seen enough to fall in love with this community.

This week we had a good excuse to welcome to our house all people we will work closely with as Dominik celebrated his 30th birthday. Some of them were in ‘brothers’ house’ for the first time, some were here already, but welcome by Luca’s family which left last May. We haven’t counted our guests, but for sure there were more than 35 people, so we were very grateful that we stay in such a big house. Dominik has prepared the slideshow with pictures from his childhood up to now and we had a ‘L’Archy style’ prayer for him which made a big impact especially on people who don’t know L’Arche. Food prepared by Lucy (our house help) was excellent, but a birthday cake was quite a disaster, but it made a celebration even more special. Miraculously Dominik avoided being wet as the local tradition is that guests pour buckets of water on the person celebrating his/her birthday, but it looks like this is just postponed as nobody wanted to do it in Dominik’s house during the first visit, but anytime now Dominik can expect few buckets of water poured on his head.

2 thoughts on “(EN) Being hosts

  1. Cieszę się, że szczęśliwie osiedliście w Waszym nowym domu. Pozdrawiamy Was serdecznie, uściski dla Maurice. Dajcie znać jeśli możemy być w jakiś sposób pomocni.
    Bartek z rodziną

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