(EN) Health services

Health wise the first two weeks were perfect for all of us, so it was the time to get to know local health services. Everything started with trying to find the place where Sara can get her immunisations sorted. The local private dispensary was the place, but sisters didn’t have any Hep B imm. in stock so we had to visit the best hospital in the area situated in North Kinangop (90min away from Nyahururu) . Sara also got a treatment for her oral trash there and everything seemed to be sorted as the hospital proved to be really good. So everything was fine…..  till the time when her temperature reached 39.7˚C (only at nights as during the day she seemed to be perfectly well) and straight after two sleepless nights the change of food spoiled her digestive system so we needed to get to know local paediatrician. Seeing Sara dressed much more lightly then local kids who wear woollen caps and Eskimo-like cloths, the first diagnosis was that Sara has a problem with a local cold weather and she should wear gloves as her hands are cold, but when we explained that she has just came from the land when this time of the year the temperature stays below -10˚C the doctor started to look for different causes of Sara’s problems. Finally after the good examination (including laboratory check for bacteria and worms – and believe it or not you wait only about 15min for the results !!!) the paediatrician gave Sara a miracle herbal remedy which immediately did the job and now Sara is back in a good shape. I’ve learned as well that to avoid this kind of problems I should give Sara a cooked banana when I gave her a cooked potato (even if potato is just one of the soup ingredients). The paediatrician was shocked that I dare give Sara raw banana and I was shocked that you can cook banana, which taste completely different that the raw one and resembles more a cooked parsley than anything else. In the meantime we had a chance to check that Sara’s weight is 9.3kg; she has now 3 Kenyan teeth apart from 5 polish ones and we probably have more gray hair, but at least now we know where to go in case of future health problems.

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