(EN) Meeting Polish Franciscans in Kenya

Last weekend we spent in Nairobi in Franciscan home for seminars as they invite for a polish Mass on the first Sunday of a month. After the Mass there is a meeting where all Polish people can get to know each other, new people can be introduced and the ambassador can say all the news and invite people for events held in the embassy. This time we met even three ambassadors as the ambassador from South Africa and from Ethiopia were present as well, but the real conversation we had with a few people who live in Africa for some time now and who were very curious what we are doing here.

After the official meeting we had nice supper prepared together with polish Brothers and Fathers during which we talked more about our life in Kenya and we exchanged some practical info e.g. where to buy good cheese cheaply in area of Nyahururu as one of the brothers lived in Subukia which is a pilgrimage place 26km away from Nyahururu, so he knew those kind of things (and we were particularly interested in cheese, as Alice – our friend who lives with us is originally from France). Actually we have visited Subukia two weeks ago. We got to know that it is the place where is national Marian Shrine, where a lot of pilgrims go to pray. So we went there to see the place. Just before departing from there we met one franciscan, who told us there was one father from Poland, so we went to greet Father Kazimierz. He was working in the workshop when we came. You should see his face when we said in Polish ‘Szczesc Boze’. He invited us for coffee and we had really nice chat. Also the place is really beautiful with a lovely shrine, so we are sure that we’ll take our visitors there. We hope also that Father Kazimierz will visit us soon as Nyahururu is the closest shopping town.

We have visited also Franciscans living in Limuru as they are on the way to Nairobi and Domink asked if we can follow them while going to the polish Mass for the first time as we didn’t know the way. I guess we looked a bit funny as our car is identical as theirs – the same mark, colour, and the number plate is different from ours only by one number, so we looked like twins travelling together. On the way back we popped again to Limuru as Dominik had some business for brother Robert who is in charge of Kolbe press –the printing press where the product tags designed by Dominik will be printed.

We did enjoy all our meetings with polish people who live in Kenya and are sure be in touch with them even if we won’t be able to go to Nairobi each month for a Mass.

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