(EN) New L’Arche Leaders

Last Thursday the Board (which acted as a discernment team) has announced the outcome of a discernment process in L’Arche Kenya and we held a celebration to welcome a new leader in Effatha House. The chosen one is: Maurice Muthiga . Hurray!!! The same Maurice who visited Poland in December and had a chance to see Polish communities, workshops run by L’Arche (or other organisations) and who managed to talk with all Community Leaders about challenges of their role. Maurice was warmly welcomed by the house and he started his role straight away. He has received the symbol of his new role: fly whisk which is associated in african culture with a great respect and leadership as the old and wise people had it. So all the next leaders will carry on and pass to others this symbol – so another ‘new L’Arche tradition’ has been set!
As an ‘Assistant community Leader’ I will support Maurice especially during the first stage of his mandate when the structure of the house is reviewed and assistants trained/formed. This is needed as Maurice is still working in PR department of St.Martin and his availability for the new role is restricted and still there is no House Leader in place.
At the same time I’ve got the news that Brecon Community has a new leader as well. I’m very glad that Mariusz Pietrus has accepted the role and can start in the beginning of March. For me is a great relief that the discernment process has brought him back to Brecon and enabled me to feel at peace while I’m away as being honest I’ve kept Brecon in my heart and sometimes felt a bit guilty leaving the community even if I strongly felt that it was time for me and for the community to change something significantly. Now I feel relieved and can engage heart fully in L’Arche Kenya.


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