(EN) Cleaning

It’s amazing how much detergent and water is used every day for cleaning in Effatha house, but I have to admit I enjoy it more and more especially when we clean the big hall. First of all you have to take off your shoes and socks, fold up your trousers, take the brush (the same we use in Europe for sweeping) and be ready for amount of water with lots of bubbles you would never dare to pour over inside your house…. and the play starts. You just scrub the floor with your brush standing in the water next to other assistants and core members who loves it as well. From time to time somebody is falling down as the floor is really slippery (I’m sure this wouldn’t be allowed in the UK because of Health & Safety regulations, but here everybody works this way). After scrubbing the more water comes, a few buckets at least and you change your tool – you take squeezer (windscreen wiper on the long stick) and you brush away the water. The river of water goes outside the building to the grass and is immediately absorbed by the ground. The floor dries in 5 minutes and the job is done. Cleaning bathrooms is fun as well as after treating sinks and toilets with far too much detergent than is really needed you just pour the bucket of water over them. After you treat the floor with the brush and squeezer as it was with a big hall and in 5 minutes everything is totally dry. For me is just amazing how much water and detergent is used for something what could be done with a mop, but I admit: with much less fun!

One thought on “(EN) Cleaning

  1. Lovely picture of Effatha House. Glad to hear it is being kept nice and clean!

    Have a very happy Easter, Dominik, Agnieszka and Sara. Thinking of you. See you soon I hope,


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