(EN) Holy Week

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Usually there are three different Masses in Cathedral on Sundays. At 7am in English (for one hour), at 8am in Kiswahili (for at least two hours) and after the Kiswahili one: the Mass in Kikuyu (for at least three hours), but on Palm Sunday there was only one service which started at 9.30am at the District Hospital in Nyahururu. The procession with palms went then towards Cathedral grounds where the Palm Sunday Mass was conducted. It was the very sunny day and the procession was very joyful. All people with palms (the real ones!) lovely singing – it was almost perfect! Almost because of the length of the celebration as the mass ended at 1pm and the language – it’s difficult to stay alert for long when you have no clue what’s going on.

Other Holy week celebrations we organised in L’Arche, so on Maundy Thursday we had celebration of washing the feet – not just some of us, but everybody had their feet washed and everybody washed someone’s feet. This is a special time in all L’Arche communities all over the world, so we felt connected with them on that day. It was the first time for Sara to take part in this celebration, but she really enjoyed it and helped me to wash the feet of the person on my left by splashing the water.

On Good Friday we came to Effatha for the way of the cross – the simplified version of Stations of the Cross. The 6 stations were put around the Effatha ground. Core members prepared beforehand the pictures for each station and they were involved in hanging them on the cross during the way. The afternoon was very cloudy, but we have risked walking and praying outside. The last station was in Effatha chapel and it proved to be the perfect option as when we approached the last station the really heavy rain started, but we all were already inside the chapel. It felt like the nature is crying because of Jesus’ death. It was a very moving moment as well.

On Saturday we planned to have a church service in Flora Farm – a retreat centre about 20min away from Nyahururu. We invited other centres run by St.Martin to share the Holy Saturday and the Easter Vigil celebration and we started from the meal for 140 people (mostly children). By the time we finished eating it was dark. We started the celebration from lighting the candles and bringing them in. The candles were the only light we had, what made this celebration so nice and peaceful. Even though it was in kikuyu, we enjoyed it and even Sara stayed alert till the end.

On Sunday Effatha joined the local church and the day resembled the typical European lazy Easter Sunday, so we relaxed and even didn’t miss much Easter Eggs Hunt. Sara probably would if she only knew what it is, but as it was her first Easter she had no clue what to expect. In the afternoon she talked vividly via Skype with her grandmothers, grandfather and aunties in Poland explaining to them how this time of Easter is important for her.

2 thoughts on “(EN) Holy Week

  1. thats lovely to read. So good that you all 3 had a good easter, and did not miss the eggs!
    Lots of fundraising going on in Scotland, for L’Arche Kenya, courtesy of the people involved with the David Gemmell Living Memorial Fund.
    I am off to Poland next week for a week, visiting Poznan and Wroclaw. Lets try and skype soon. With love to you all, Jane

  2. hello there i was happy to read your experiences with the st martin am proud of what they have achieved there it makes proud to be part of them iwish you will understand the language next time as the songs and dances are very beautiful am avolunteer with them welcome again.

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