(EN) Easter break

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I really wanted to spend some time with Sara and join with her activities planned by Effatha during that week. On Wednesday it was games/sports played with youth on the premises of a neighbouring golf club and on Friday walk up the hill to the tower. On other days core members coming during the day time had their rest and Effatha could enjoy quiet time. But unfortunately Sara got ill and we have missed all those events. Sara was diagnosed with malaria and fungal infection. The diagnosis was a big shock for us as Sara was full of life and nobody would suspect that she might be seriously ill. After contacting Rachel (UK paediatrician who used to work and live with her small children in Kenya) and talking with local doctor in North Kinangop we have understood that because of difficulty with diagnosing small children all of them are diagnosed with malaria and bacterial infection, so anti-malaria drugs and antibiotic (for almost everything) is given and all possible reasons of child illness is treated straight away. It means that we will never know if she really had malaria or she was treated for it ‘just in case’.

She stayed home for a week, so instead of joining Effatha in their activities we have invited L’Arche for lunch on Thursday. The day was beautiful and we decided to have a meal outside. Everybody had a good time and nobody believed that Sara is ill as she was a star during the afternoon playing with turtles and three children from Talitha Kum who stayed in Brothers’ House for a few days with Alessia. It was lucky week for Sara as when children from Talitha Kum went back to their home, we had visitors from Nairobi: Paweł with his wife Caroline and two children: Naomi (3 years) and Neil (10 months).

On Saturday we showed them hippos and on the following day we visited Effatha and a centre for street boys from which we walked to the waterfalls. Again the day was beautiful and Sara was so happy to have somebody her size to play with.

But ‘happy time’ didn’t last long as on the following day we discovered that Sara picked up somewhere a cold, and as the symptoms of cold and malaria are so similar we had to go again through the process of treating Sara with quite a few medications and again Sara developed an allergic reaction when she saw the meds or even a thermometer. But now there are only a few days left of medication taking and she should be totally in shape.

On Wednesday we took Sara to Effatha to celebrate Fr.Gabriele’s birthday. We had good food, warm wishes and of course a lot of water on Father’s shoulder. But for Sara the most interesting was one of the presents that father received from children from Talitha Kum: alive rooster who made the noise and moved vividly. For the first time as well the balloon broke when she played with it. We expected her to cry because of the unexpected and loud noise, but instead she was very puzzled where the balloon disappeared. She looked for it around not making connections that the pieces of rubber on the floor can be remains of her balloon.

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