(EN) Sara’s birthday party

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Times goes so quickly and children remind you about it in the most visible way. Sara is already one year old and she celebrated her first birthday yesterday together with her friends from Brothers’ House (our home) and Effatha (L’Arche). One of the assistants came with his children, so Sara had somebody to play with. There was a lot of music and dancing going on during the afternoon as Sara loves dancing and even tries to sing in who-knows-which-language. Apart from birthday cake, wishes and presents there was a big surprise: at one point all 150 balloons hanged at the ceiling fall down and the big playing started. First people played with balloons very gently, but when they discovered that Sara and other children are not afraid of banging – the championship: who steps on the most balloons started. It took 3 hours for a few people to blow the balloons, but it took only a few minutes to bang them all. It was good fun not only for children. I guess that because of the balloons people forgot about pouring the buckets of water on Sara, which was good as she still has runny nose and is coughing a bit. It was much better for her this time to swim in balloons than in water.

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