(EN) 1st anniversary of L’Arche day programme

On 5th May Effatha celebrated 1st anniversary of day care programme. It’s a real feast for core members coming to L’Arche only during the day: Mike, Mutahi, Mary and Monicah. The celebration started with the Mass during which James shared the history of day programme starting from the first challenges and finishing on the joy of going to Boston House for the workshop and extending the programme to 5 days a week. The second part of celebration was held in Effatha during lunch time. Some directors of St.Martin and some board members came to celebrate with us. It was very important to core members who had a chance to share how this year was important in their lives. They all received a candle and a card made in the workshop and the letter to their parents thanking them for their support for the project and most of all for the gift of their children who teach us love. It was very joyful time. After the celebration we still held the house meeting when everybody could have their 5 minutes. Important as I have noticed that introductions and speeches are a very important part of the local culture and never can be omitted or even shortened. Being together was the good occasion to have a community photo. We have prepared the huge banners ‘we love you’ and ’keep on climbing’ for Garry McPartlin  who decided to raise money for L’Arche Kenya; The CHALLENGE: 66 years old, 283 hills, 1,000 miles, 400,000 feet, 2,000,000 steps in 4 months. You can find more about his initiative and support it by following the link: http://dglmf.wordpress.com/gerrys-munro-blog/ and  http://www.justgiving.com/gerrymcpartlin.  We did enjoy posing for that photo especially that the weather wasn’t particularly good that day, but the sun came out just for those few minutes when we gathered outside. We hope Garry will like it!

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