(EN) Last three Sundays

Last three Sundays were very busy and very different.

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Three weeks ago Father Victorio invited St.Martin to visit 8 churches in his area to do awareness about St.Martin. Effatha went as well in one of the ten big vans which took St.Martin’s staff participating in this big event. Awareness is a part of approach of St.Martin as it’s very important that people living in ‘organisation’s target area’ are aware about the aims and the spirit of the organisation. We, as a family, joined Effatha and together with other members introduced ourselves during the introduction given by Fr.Gabriele together with assistants and core members. People in the church were very moved by the sharing especially of some of the core members, young people were inspired by sharing of assistants-volunteers and wanted to know more about possibility to join Effatha as a part of programme ‘come & see’. The day was very successful. We went back with cars full of food=gifts which the local community gave for Effatha and other centres run by St.Martin during the offering… and in the evening we had our guests in Brothers House. Mary, Eston and their family finally came for supper. Mary works with Dominik in Marleen Crafts, but we have never managed to organise some time for our families to meet. But finally we did and definitely we’ll do it again as children liked it a lot and we had very relaxing time in front of the fire place.

Two weeks ago Sunday Mass was celebrated in Effatha’s chapel and university students who visited St.Martin for a weekend joined us. As it was Pentecost, core members put oil on our hands and the chapel was full of nice smell. There was a lot of singing during the mass followed by celebrations outside the chapel. Munyua (one of the core members) played drums and everybody was dancing. We had cake and drinks, so we went home full of energy and the whole day was special… especially for me who waited for Dominik bringing from Nairobi our parents who came to stay with us for a few weeks.

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So the last Sunday spent with them. We started with the morning Mass at 7am in English (usually taking one hour, but that Sunday was longer as priest was dancing and singing during his preaching) We planned to leave quite early for Crater Lake (near Naivasha), but in fact we left about 10am. It was our first day-long trip and a very successful one. We saw quite a few wild animals, the lake in the crater of a volcano (not active one of course), had a nice lunch in the lodge and nice walk around the lake guided by flamingos which walked around in front of us still keeping safe for them distance. It looked like they showed us the direction. The weather was great as well – so we have quite a few nice photos. Enjoy watching them!

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