(EN) Walking safari

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1st June is a public holiday in Kenya, which means no work for Maurice and Ania so they could join us for walking safari on Crescent Island. We went in two cars, got a picnic and headed to Naivasha Lake. There are many lodges through which the lake and the Island could be accessed, but we chose Country Club as it was the place we knew from our first trip to Molo in Kenya in 2007. The club offers a wonderful mix of tranquillity in serene surroundings and a varied number of sporting activities for both the energetic and the more laid back. We have chosen boat trip to Crescent Island which is a private game sanctuary, home to zebra, wildebeest, gazelle, velvet monkeys, hares, genet cats and giraffe. The island is less than a 15 minute boat ride from the hotel. There are no fences and no predators and it is one of the few places in the world where one can wander on foot amongst the animals. We have hundreds of photos (as we had 5 cameras), so you could practically have a film from a trip if you set a slide show very fast, and the choice of photos for the blog was very difficult.

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