(EN) Day of ‘Corpus Christi’ in Subukia

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It was difficult for our parents that there is no church Service and procession on Thursday – the exact day of Corpus Christi, but the church holiday is moved to Sunday as in Poland this church holiday is one of the greatest ones and it’s always celebrated on Thursday. That is why we decided to arrange a pilgrimage for them on that day. We visited Subukia – Kenyan National Shrine for Mary, as there was quite a lot of Mary appearition in that area and the spring on the hill has water which brought miraculous healing for a number of people, but the most important is the fact that a lot of people go to confession and has been converted here. The chapel is still very small even if there are days when there is 5,000 pilgrims coming to the spring and the path to get there is quite challenging. Father Kazimierz told us a bit about the sanctuary and the future plans for the place. We saw the future Franciscan monastery which should be ready in about 2 months time. The walls are already painted, but many wires are still sticking out from walls –this way the building has to be renovated before it is even the construction is not yet finished. For the time being the monastery will have a space for pilgrims, but only restricted one, so there is a plan to build a huge church and Pilgrims House. My Mum was very happy that our gift (tapestry of St.Francis with birds made by polish artist and her friend Zofia Zuchowicz) can be used in new chapel. Polish sausages and chocolates were well appreciated by the polish Father as well. After climbing the hill we took the water from the spring and have to come back as the rain started and the road quickly started look more like a river than a road. But we were lucky and managed to hit the tarmac road before being swept away.

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