(EN) Lake Elementaita

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As Lake Elementaita is reasonably close to Nyahururu we hit the road after a lazy morning at home. We arrived to Sunbird Lodge at lunch time, but decided to go for a guided nature walk first. It was hot and there was no shadow along the way, but our Maasai guide Peter made this trip worthwhile. He told us a lot about maasai culture by explaining parts of his outfits, showing plants which help maasai people to be invisible  for animals  (= having no lunch-like smell ;-)) and talking about his family (imagine: his father has six wives and he is a sixth child of a second wife, he is one of 46 children of his father). We haven’t seen many animals, actually just flamingos and pelicans, but being taken by maasai through wild part of the lake shore was enough attractive for us. After one hour of walk in a sun we were ready for nice lunch in the lodge. When we came back to the car the first drops of rain started falling down, so most of our journey back we slept. Because of the weather there was no point to stop on equator this time, but we will come there again!

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