(EN) Rest Days

In between day trips we had days when we stayed home, but even then we had things to do. First of all we visited St.Martin Community. After participating in a weekly sharing in St.Martin’s chapel Maurice explained to our parents the philosophy and approach of the organisation and introduced them to work of all programmes. Our parents were very impressed even if they knew already a bit from us. But of course the most of the time we spent in Effatha. They way the community celebrated their welcome and farewell during the supper and prayer times was very moving. Wednesday morning Mass was important for them as it was an accession to say hello and goodbye to wider community, not just Effatha house.

Apart from St.Martin our parents were ‘introduced’ to the hippos and saw the famous Thompson waterfalls. As we went there on Sunday afternoon (straight after very nice lunch prepared by Maurice who invited us to his house) there was an additional attraction waiting for our families: photo session on a camel. Nobody expected it as Nyahururu is not the natural environment for camels which need dryer climate. And it’s worth to add that getting on and off the camel can be an adventure. My sister and I have a short, but funny video made on that occasion.

Traditionally we had our welcome and goodbye lunch at ‘Jim Rock’ – our favourite restaurant with reasonable prices and really good food and a real Italian coffee in Tabor Hill (the retreat centre in Nyahururu area run by Father Raffael). The place is really amazing, so it’s easy to have a quiet and prayerful time here. That is why it’s not surprising that the most of St.Martin’s retreats and training days are held there. We went there twice: once for supper with Effatha community and once during day time as everybody wanted to make pictures of the place in daylight. Only Sara was more interested with animals living on a farm part of a Tabor Hill.

Our families spent a lot of time in Marleen’s project, especially in the shop where Dominik works. It wasn’t easy to choose the souvenirs as there are many nice things sold there and if you see people who made them, they all have greater value especially that you can order customised items.

So even our so-called ‘rest days’ were quite busy especially that playing with Sara filled the reminded time or actually all time as she was the main attraction of these holidays for her grandparents. The highlight of the holidays was Sara starting walking in their presence. It was an evening! You can see the video recorded on the following day: Sara Walking – Video . Enjoy watching!

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