(EN) Nakuru Park

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Nakuru Park is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Kenya. The park is not the biggest one, but the most expensive as it is guaranteed that you can always see some animals. The first animals monkeys you can see even without entering the park as they are welcoming visitors and hoping to steal some food(sometimes with passports kept in the same bags) already outside of the park gates. My sister Bogusia and Sara were the ones who scream when they see monkeys. Sara out of joy, Bogusia out of fear as one of the monkeys bite her while she tried to scare it away from the car as the windows were opened and the danger of losing cameras and passports were quite big. But the battle with monkeys wasn’t finished at that stage. We left home very early planning our breakfast already in one of the picnic sites in the park. Generally getting out of the car is not permitted in the park because of a danger to meet face to face with some predators, but picnic sites are recognised as safe areas. And there were safe in the way that the only creatures who attacked us there were mosquitoes and baboons. Baboons are very quick. In one moment one of them jumped on the table, kicked the drink and stole sandwich and a box with Sara’s precious teething biscuits. It was the end of our breakfast. Everybody froze apart from Bogusia who started to pack left food and grandparents who without thinking started to chase baboon in the bushes and even managed to rescue a few sweets and Sara’s box (unfortunately already empty). In the meantime the baboon came back for remaining food and started to struggle with Bogusia holding huge plastic bag with all our food, but she even didn’t consider giving up and finally she won and put half shredded bag with food into the boot. This is what we call the spirit!

The rest of a trip was almost as planned: flamingos, rhinos, buffalos, antelopes, giraffes, zebras and a stop at a view point. I said almost as we have managed to get lost in the park travelling for some time on roads not suitable for our cars (we haven’t got 4WD), but not only we have managed to get through, but we got lucky and saw a lion sunbathing on a dry tree. Apparently it’s really difficult to see a lion in that park, but something had to compensate our frustrations caused by monkeys. So finally lion was a highlight of a day… till the evening when Sara started to walk on her own and nobody remembered a lion anymore.

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