(EN) Ol’Moran

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I cannot believe that our families left Kenya three weeks ago… and we still haven’t ‘published’ all posts about our adventures. Time to tell about our last two days trip to Ol’moran (place of warriors). The road up there was quite challenging even if we had 4WD car borrowed from Fr.Gabriele, but what you can expect if you go up north from Nyahururu knowing that Nyahururu is the last town on the way to north border of Kenya? The answer is clear: bad road, but beautiful landscapes… and that is why we decided to show our families  a bit of ‘wild’ Kenya and some animals (as they wanted to see some more , having just a few days before coming back to Europe). Fortunately Father James (another Italian priest) works in a parish there and together with a few sisters (Kenyan and Filipino ones) is able to welcome visitors. The guest house was a nice surprise, but the welcome organised by sisters even more spectacular. As we arrived in the afternoon we had time to see all the compounds of the parish. The biggest surprise for us was meeting Pokot’s women dressed in traditional tribal clothes (necklaces like huge colourful collars) and for the women to see white child. Sara was a star again. In the evening we were invited to sister’s house for supper. Supper was delicious, cake as well, but the most important was an authentic joy with which sisters welcomed us.

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The next day we had to wakeup very early as we had to go another hour to the north for a safari on Mugie ranch.  But the trip was worth it. The landscape was totally different than in Nyahururu. For the first time we have seen savannah with all sorts of animals starting with a group of elephants. We liked the way safari was organised. We welcomed a guide to our car who had direct contact with a couple of rangers who looked for animals and directed our guide to place where they were (you can see two of them on the tree in one of our pictures) Safari finished before the lunch time as all animals hide from the sun around that time, so there was no point to drive around especially that we saw everything we wanted to see. Elephants and dancing birds were the best, but domesticated giraffe which could be touched and buffalos which crossed the road just in front of us weren’t bad either. Also you can find on the pictures the variety of the roads you have to go through to get to Mugie Ranch. Our families had lovely time just before getting ready for journey back. Two days after they sat in the plane and flew back home.

One thought on “(EN) Ol’Moran

  1. hallo am happy that you were able to view part of our wild kenya most of al wish your daughter was old enough to enjoy it all but i believe she will one view some of the momntals and listen to your adventures .hope you will be back again

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