June/July 2010

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The holidays time is definitely over, and even the weather reminds us about it every day. While most of you complain now about the heat wave in Europe, we have to make fire in our house every evening , but even during the day temperature rarely exceeds 20 degrees.

Straight after departure of our family we got back to our activities. On 16th June we went for a full day workshop with Marleen Project. It was the first time to have workshop since L’Arche Kenya joined the project. So it was very good to hear opinions and ideas about cooperation of these two communities. The ‘Kitchen and Loundry Workshop’ prepared very nice presentation about involving the most vulnerable core-members in various tasks during the day. But we also shared a lot about our experience of working in this new setting. Few days later – as the immediate effect of the workshop – some members of L’Arche Kenya joined Marleen Craft’s shop to go for the trade fair in one of the schools near Molo. It was a great experience, to see Musa (the core-member) promoting the work of Marleen Project. Our stall attracted many visitors, we made a lot of sales, but – most important – we got a lot of new contacts of people who are interested in supporting our project. I’m the most happy from meeting Stephen who work on a mission of Presbyterian Church in Tuum (2 days drive north from Nyahururu). One of the projects they run is a bee-keeping, and we hope to purchase from them bees wax to make our candles in L’Arche’s Candle Workshop. The day was the big success then. Also Sara came with us to Turi, as me and Agnieszka took the opportunity to visit our friends in Molo town, since we were so close. It was very nice to have lunch with some members of Brecon-Molo link. We hope that we will be able to keep in touch with them now, and also maintain a good ‘south to south’ link.

It was only a few days since we came back, to attend another big celebration. This time it was Open Day in Talitha Kum Childrens Home. We had many visitors who came to celebrate with us. I was asked to do the photographing during the day, so I will not write more about the event, but you can take a look at the photo gallery to get a feeling of that day.

Those were the highlights of the last month, but you can guess, that there was something else, which made this month special… Yes, it is The World Cup. For this occasion we even bough an aerial for our TV, so we could invite members of L’Arche to join us in the evenings and watch some football. And since our community of volunteers is very diverse (there are people from Netherlands, France, Italy etc) watching the game was always very exciting.

Also it is important to mention, that Ania (the polish physiotherapist who works in Ethiopia) has gone back to Ethiopia, but we are looking forward to September, when she will come back to Nyahururu. Also we want to say a big THANKS to her, as her presence was very important not only for us,  but mostly for members of L’Arche Kenya and St.Martin communities.

Now, I have an information to all of you. Recently I received from Alice of L’Arche Brecon a question about ordering the items from our workshops (leather, carving). The ‘procedure’ is very simple. Go to our catalogue (Marleen Crafts Catalogue) and pick the items you would like to buy. Then simply write an e-mail to us (thekarolakfamily@gmail.com) and let us know what you need. After that we will agree on the way of payment, and postage. It is also time to start making orders for Christmas 2010. So call your friends, and choose gifts from our catalogue.

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