(EN) ‘Busy time’

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Today I have realised that Dominik and I are engaged in many tasks that are not connected directly with our main roles. Dominik shares his knowledge about computers and photography which in practice can become almost a full-time job; when there is a major problem with PR computers or good pictures are needed for a new book or calendar or basically my request of a nice ‘Effatha timetable’ which gives clarity to all community members about sharing the responsibility in the house – all done in pictures to make it accessible and understood by core-members. Good thing is that Dominik really likes this kind of service; only lack of time stops him sometimes for undertaking all those kind of requests.

Due to recent change of some assistants and ‘new era’ in Crafts (first big order of 250 Christmas cards) and Candle Workshop (starting testing and improving scented candles) we both are much more involved in working with core-members and assistants in those workshops… exactly as it was at the very beginning when the workshops started in Boston House.

Recently I’m mostly involved in work of Effatha Board sub-committees which since a few months started to meet very regularly and work hard on developing structures accommodating St. Martin and L’Arche experience concerning management of HR and policies regulating all major sectors of community life and preparing registration of the house. I like this kind of work and thanks to some resources from L’Arche UK, sent to me regularly by Zoe, our work here advances quite quickly.

Being honest sometimes it brings some frustrations as the solutions of St. Martin and L’Arche to the same problems can be totally different and we need to work on ‘compromises’ which in my opinion are not always ‘good enough’. On the other hand I have learnt a lot about different approach to those problems and the way of communicating and getting around to finding solutions. At the end of the day respecting different opinions and ways of working is a part of my journey here as well as a part of this important process we call in L’Arche: inculturation. I’m glad that I’m not only talking about it, but have a personal experience of that sometimes painful, but always fruitful process.

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Apart of it, as a member of Betania team, I’ve been involved in preparing Volunteers’ Day – the Day when Betania team members ‘preach’ during the Mass. But the ‘preaching’ is really well prepared in the sense that the deep meaning of the Gospel is revealed in very clear way. The pictures prepared by the artist and the booklet prepared especially for that day gives all those details as well, so volunteers can get back to it any time and get inspired. I’m very impressed by the quality of thinking put into the process of preparation of those days. Being a part of preparation team has been a new and very important experience for my spiritual growth. Going as a family with one of the group to Kinamba, even if the final presentation was in Kikuyu and Kiswahili, would be an important part of this process, but unfortunately I’ve become sick and couldn’t make it, so it was Dominik who represented our family and took some pictures to document the event.

One thought on “(EN) ‘Busy time’

  1. thank you for such a good insight to your life there. the journey you all make together trying to find a rythm and be in step with each other. may God rule in all these situations and we continue to accomodate Him in our lives. hoping to see you in brecon when you are here
    jim and gaynor

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