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On 1st November after the Mass in Effatha chapel as there is no cemeteries to visit (as most of people burry their loved ones in their shamba: garden near the house), we decided to go to Subukia and share this day with Polish Franciscans and to see the progress on the builing of the sanctuary. Last time we have visited this place with our families and we have given Father Kazimierz the tapestry with St.Francis made by polish artist Zofia Zuchowicz. This time we have seen that Franciscans have moved to the new building and the tapestry hangs on the wall of new monastery’s chapel. The place is really beautiful now with the new road (not quite finished, but already used by pilgrims) leading to the spring where the builders are still working on a new chapel. We have seen the finished ‘chapel of light’ build by the artist just on the Equator which passes though the territory of a sanctuary and the place ready for putting fundaments under the huge basilica… so we had beautiful day visiting Sanctuary and Franciscans living there, but we missed the atmosphere of All Saints Day from Poland where the cemeteries are full of light and everybody are in the mood of reflection, families meet and remember their members who are no longer with them.  Nothing here was even close to this ‘home feeling’, we were homesick. But not everything from the ‘old time’ is lost. We still feel a part of Brecon-Molo link and it was good to meet some people during one of the weekend last month to see flamingos and lions in Nakuru Park and have a chance to update each other on progress in our projects. We have found from Rachel that the Karibu group from Molo is producing jewellery products which might be interested for Marleen Project shop in Nyahururu managed currently by Dominik.

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Strangely enough yesterday during one of the Craft Fairs in Kenana Farm in Njoro we have met two members of this group selling their products and Marleen bought quite a number of sample products for market testing, so hopefully this might be the beginning of a long-term co-operation between those two projects. This Fair was successful not only because this ‘business arrangement’ and very successful sale of Marleen products (mostly leather ones), but most of all it was important for Monicah and Mutahi – two Core Members representing L’Arche Candle and Bakery  workshops, who could see how successful were products they have made. It was amazing to see their joy each time someone was looking and admiring candles or biscuits, not to mention the time when customers actually bought them. Sara had a good time as well. She have met and played with some white children, so she knows that she is not the only child in the world whose skin is different. But her attention was caught mostly by big friendly dogs as the dogs she has seen so far were only wild ones which she couldn’t stroke and hug.

2 thoughts on “weekends’ trips

  1. This is lovely to read. Thanks for this posting. Looking forward to seeing Dominik in Edinburgh next month. With love to you all, Jane

  2. Serdeczne pozdrowienia dla radosnej rodziny!
    Czy mogę prosić o mail’a, gdyż chciałabym zapytać o coś prywatniej?

    Natalka (od Sarbina)

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