November- a month of celebrations

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November is a month of celebrations. On 7th November we have celebrated Effatha Day and one week after St. Martin Day. The aim of Effatha Day is to encourage parents of children with disability. They can meet each other, they can see Effatha and witness how community life in atmosphere of love contributes to discovering gifs of people with intellectual disability who feel home here and welcome them as hosts of the event. This initiative is a joint effort of L’Arche Community and a Community Programme for people with disability run by St.Martin CSA. As December is a time of holiday here in Kenya this even moved forward is a part of celebrating International Day for People with Disability. This year the celebration was special because of a special guest: Simona. Simona is an Italian dancer and painter. Performed by her art is unique as she is disable (has no arms) so she uses only her feet to do it. To learn more about her and see a clip, visit the website: http://www.simonarte.com . Simona has an extraordinary personality as well and has a gift of encouraging people just by sharing her experience and passing the simple, but often forgotten message: with love everything is possible. Simona stayed in Kenya for one week. Performed in prisons and universities where she met and encouraged disabled students. She celebrated 10th anniversary of her and her boyfriend being together in Effatha house –it was a very special evening for them and for us. As her last performance she danced again during St. Martin Day. Again her sharing was very moving and contributing a lot to the way people celebrated St. Martin Day this year!

During both events Marleen Project and workshops of L’Arche Kenya as a part of it were selling their products. Again the purpose of displaying the products was building awareness, but still business part of the initiative didn’t go bad. Apart of it candle workshop was asked to prepare 500 small candles which were distributed by L’Arche Core Members as a part of blessing at the end of the prayer time led by Core Members supported by St.Martin staff. During the event people had a chance to contribute to supporting one of the projects not connected with St. Martin as a sign of solidarity. This year money went to support L’Arche Uganda in buying a new minibus.

One thought on “November- a month of celebrations

  1. Lovely to see & hear what’s going on in L’Arche Kenya – keep us posted.
    You are doing a great service.
    Happy Christmas

    L’Arche ODF coordinator

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