(EN) First week in Poland

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Our flight from Nairobi was delayed, so we had to wait nine hours at the airport. It was the longer nine hours in my life as Sara was so excited that she couldn’t stop running and playing for the first 7 hours, but later our journey was ok. Sara slept on the plane; enjoyed Christmas decoration in Amsterdam where she was walking and repeating a word: ‘nice’ every time she saw something interesting (which was continuously) and slept again on the plane to Warsaw. The temperature in Warsaw hit us all, but for Janet the experience was almost traumatic as the difference between Kenya and Poland was about 30⁰C. But because of the very warm welcome we felt home straight away. The next day we joined one of the projects of L’Arche Warsaw called: ‘Chata z pomysłami’ for their Advent Reflection Day and in the afternoon we showed our presentation about L’Arche Kenya and our Mission there. The whole Day was a big success and we were pleased to meet our old friends (Bartek and Baśka Pestka) and so many people who have L’Arche in their heart. The following day we left Warsaw and travelled to Swarzędz where we stayed in Father Alexander’s place for two nights. Father is our good friend as well (he blessed our wedding and baptised Sara) and we really managed to rest  in between of our interview with the local TV and  our next presentation for L’Arche Poznań as Swarzędz is very close to that community. We managed to visit L’Arche Poznań workshop and one of the houses for supper. Again the presentation took more time than expected as there is always so much to say and so many questions to answer. Following day we spent in the car again travelling to Wrocław as we stopped for a dinner and birthday celebration of Antek –Sara’s cousin in Dominik parents’ place. Sara had a very good time in Antek’s play room and we all ate more than we should. In the evening we arrived in L’Arche Wrocław house where we stayed for 3 days before our travel to the UK. Sara was warmly welcomed especially by Jacek – her God Father – and was so happy that didn’t go to bed before midnight, which was the beginning of her new routine since then.

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