(EN) Weekend in the UK

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Only three full days, but filled with travelling, activities and meetings. Dominik went to Scotland for two days, where he met with all key people who help us with raising funds for L’Arche Kenya. It was good to meet with Jane, who gives us great support, but we rarely have occasions to meet in person. Also he met with people of ‘David Gemmel Living Memorial Fund’. Time in Edinburgh was very fruitful. It’s priceless to meet people who support you, and be able to share our experience. He also had a chance to speak in Edinburgh Cathedral during 6 o’clock Mass. As he said, he wasn’t pleased with a speech he gave as he is not best in ‘public performances’, still it was very good opportunity to raise some awareness about L’Arche. Meanwhile Sara and I stayed in Brecon. We spent most of time in Glasfryn where Sara could meet and play with all her uncles and aunties and in Ania & Rov’s place (our good friends) where Sara could play with Nathan and I could catch up with news. When Dominik joined us back in Brecon we have managed to visit L’Arche new workshop and the office and even buy some tools and equipment for craft and candle workshop, which we needed to send to Poland by post as there was not enough space for it in our luggage. It was so nice to see so many familiar faces in the house, church and the pub as some ex-assistants came to visit the community hoping to meet us and lots of friends came for ‘Time Out’ Church Service or/and the community gathering during which we gave the presentation about L’Arche Kenya and our Mission there. Again it was so much to say that the evening took longer than we expected. That is why it was so difficult to get up early the following morning and drive to the airport to be back in Wrocław for a Kenyan meal prepared by Janet and Ania… but it’s another story we will tell more about in our next post.

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