(EN) Busy in Wrocław and in Cracow

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During our stay in L’Arche Wrocław, Dominik and Janet spend most of the time in workshop ‘Muminki’ where they joined different workshops and learnt how to make paper, what is ‘decoupage’  and got other ideas which can be used in our workshop in Kenya. Sara and I spent that time home with Jacek – Sara’s God Father who hold her so tenderly and talk to her whenever he got a chance. The most moving were times in the chapel when he prayed for her and for our family during community prayer time. Sara is really very lucky that she has so good and prayerful God Father and that L’Arche is her second home as all community members really care for her and want to play with her (including Maja- a community cat). One day Ania (the one from Ethiopia who joined us in Kenya for some time) and Janet cooked a Kenyan meal for everybody. Ugali (this year taken from Kenya) cabbage and chicken was a good choice – everybody loved it!

We were lucky that Alice (French lady we lived with in Kenya for almost a year) could visit us in Poland. With all the news about closed airports her arrival and departure almost on time was a kind of miracle. We spent few days together in Wrocław where she managed to cook together with Przemek (Polish assistant who used to be in L’Arche in France) French meal for the community. And as in other L’arche Communities we had an evening when we shared our experience – it was good that Ania, Janet and Alice could be there as well. The day after we traveled together to Kraków. On our way we have stopped in Ania’s place for dinner where we all had a good time talking about our friends from Nyahururu and our time together there. In Kraków we stayed in my sisters place. Almost all of us had a cold or cough at that stage, but still the most adventurous people apart from visiting a doctor, visited Kraków (during the day as well as by night) , Aushwitz  and salt mine in Wieliczka. All this was possible because of our friend Paweł who knows Kraków well and who took the job of the host during those days when we were sick and couldn’t organize time for our guests.

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