(EN) Christmas holiday

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This year we spent Christmas in Kuczyna. Sara was happy to see again her cousin Antek (and fight with him over toys), have two grandmas together in one place and enjoy the time with the whole family. Apart of the fact that most people were ill over Christmas and we spent entire time inside the house, everything went very well and felt special as it should be at this time. Opening presents was a very unique experience especially for Sara and Antek , who couldn’t hide their excitement. Decorating Xmas tree was special as well, but taking decoration off the tree was even more interesting, so two days after Xmas Eve the tree was decorated only on the top layers which couldn’t be reached by little ones. In no time it was already time for welcoming a New Year. New Year Eve we celebrated together with L’Arche Wroclaw. Sara stayed with us till 1am as her routine is completely destroyed at the moment and she seems to go to bed later and later. She wasn’t afraid of fireworks, which was actually quite impressive as there were very laud and she shared the drink with everybody with laud ‘cheers’. The day after we were already on our way to Rabka, where I stayed with Sara for a few days while Dominik and Janet worked in workshop of L’Arche Sledziejowice. Apart from working and gaining experience they shared about our mission in Kenya and prepared Kenyan meal which was eaten without using cuttlery as it would be traditionally in Kenya. Staying in Rabka was very relaxing, the weather was great, so Sara spent some time sledging and enjoying playing with toys she received during Xmas, but a few days after we were already on the way –this time home: to Nyahururu.

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