Second year, first week

click on a photo, to see the gallery

Few weeks ago we had to use a few coats to be able to go outside. Then we entered a plane, and few hours later we were all missing some cool air. It was very sad to leave friends and family in Poland, but at the same time, we are very glad to be back home. On our arrival we heard some bad news, that during our absence some people broke into our house and stole quite a lot of things. Initially we weren’t too upset about it, but now we started to realise how many things are actually missing. But anyway… We are happy nobody got hurt…

On first night after arrival we received a warm welcome in Effatha Home. Then we were also welcomed in the workshops, and in St.Martin. Back at work we felt a bit like if we were forced to jump into speeding train. Our first week at work was very busy, but now we have adjusted to this pace of work, and things seem to be back to normal.

On 17th January we celebrated my birthday. I believe that writing a long story about it is not necessary, instead I suggest you see the photo gallery. You will find there all photos of my ‘bath-day’ – for your viewing pleasure 😉

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