(EN) In the tea-land

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Few days ago when Sara woke up, i asked her if she is OK. Sara with her beautiful smile replied: “Si”… Well, slowly we are getting used to the fact that she is using 5 languages to communicate. Many times we caught ourselves in a situation that we searched some dictionaries to find out what she is asking for. Before we went to Poland she spoke ‘only’ 4 languages, but now, since our return Sara spends all days with Pietro and Josue – the children of Chiara and Mauro – the new Italian volunteers  who will stay in Nyahururu for 3 years. So, we got a new dictionary 😉

When we arrived back from Europe we were happy to see again some green grass. Well, it wouldn’t be the case if we arrived today. It is dry season, and we had no rain since we came. All grass is dry now. Well, at least we don’t need to use lawnmower 😉 It is also unusually hot (for Nyahururu). The temperatures go above +30 C. (Normally  it is not more than +25 C here). And the worse effect of this dry time is… dust. It is not too disturbing at our home, but when we go to our workshops which are situated by the main road, it is almost unbearable. If i leave my car in front of the building it will be covered with a 1mm film of dust within 10 minutes.

Everyone at the community of L’Arche Kenya is doing well. Also in the workshops people are very happy. We are developing quickly, and hoping we might be able to welcome more core-members for the ‘day care’.

For a long time I thought that it would be good if in our workshops we could produce something what is specific to Kenya. But I never knew how to get contacts with the tea or coffee plantations. Nyahururu is not in the area where growing tea and coffee is very popular.

During our visit in Europe last December, I had a pleasure to have lunch with someone who happens to have a tea plantation in Kenya (and you won’t believe – but this fact came out as ‘by the way’ during our conversation). It’s funny I had to go all the way to Edinburgh to meet with Isabella.

And thanks to this meeting in December – last Tuesday we had a chance to go for a visit to the tea factory in Sotik. We organised a small team to represent L’Arche Kenya and St.Martin. We all enjoyed the trip. Isabella gave us a tour through the factory and the plantation. We learned a lot about the whole process of producing tea. After very interesting tour, we had a lunch at Isabella’s home. We are glad we found a tea factory from which we might be able to get some tea to be packed in our workshops (we learned that this is the only part of process which can be done outside the factory), but we are very happy we have a new friend of our community. It was great to meet Isabella, and we are looking forward to meet her again.

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