(EN) March – April 2011

Last few weeks were very busy for us. That’s why we had no time to write.

March did not start well, as we had another burglary in our house. This time all our electronic equipments were stolen. Unfortunately most of that were our ‘tools’ for work (Agnieszka’s laptop, my camera and camcorder etc.). Now we learn how to live in more simple way.

But despite of the bad start of the month, then it was getting just better and better…

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On 26th March people of Marleen Project joined by all members of L’Arche Kenya went together for a pilgrimage to The National Shrine of Mary in Subukia. We were welcomed by Franciscans, who host the place. During the day, we focused on the Gospel of the Return of the Prodigal Son. Fr. Gabriele and Martha gave a conference about the parable. We divided into small groups and shared about the gospel reading. Due to the diversity in spoken languages and intellectual abilities, we chose to work in a way where everybody could participate equally. So we expressed our thoughts, feelings and experiences through painting. After the pilgrimage, we had such positive feedback that we are hoping to make such annual retreats a Marleen Crafts tradition.

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A week ago Alina (our friend from L’Arche Trosly) has left. She was with us for almost 3 months. She lived in Effatha, but whenever she had some free time we were spending it together. We also took this chance then to visit some nice places like Crescent Island or Nakuru Park.

On 17th April we had a big celebration of 2nd birthday of Sara. We invited some friends, and we enjoyed this time. And there was everything for Sara to be happy – the cake with candles, good music, other children to play with, a lot of gifts, and beautiful weather so we could stay outdoors.

Then it was time of Easter. It is very special time in all L’Arche communities, and preparing the events during The Holy Week is very important. On Maundy Thursday during the Mass we had a ceremony of foot-washing, but then, for the first time we also sat around the table to eat the Passover Meal – just like in Jewish tradition. Everybody enjoyed trying the new tastes, and listening to the explanations about the symbolism of all dishes. On Good Friday all members of our community attended the Way of The Cross. This year the Cathedral Parish of Nyahururu requested L’Arche Kenya to start this ceremony at Effatha Home. So the first 3 stations were in the compound of Effatha, then the crowd moved towards the cathedral. On Saturday evening we attended the Easter Vigil. The Mass was, like previous year, at Flora Farm.

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On Sunday, we joined the Franciscans in Subukia to celebrate Easter with our Polish friends. We had really nice day. Good food, time for walking, time to rest… But our plan wasn’t only to spend a day with them. After the pilgrimage in March we discovered that many people really enjoyed time in Subukia. Also we discovered that there is an empty house in the compound (the Franciscans moved to a new building last September). So, we invited all members of L’Arche Kenya to come with us for holidays.

And today we just returned from Subukia. The holidays were just perfect. It was the first time when we had a chance to be a bit closer to people of Effatha, as for these few days we actually lived together. We were going for a walks, playing games, cooking together, watching movies and sleeping long in the mornings! Sara also enjoyed this time. We were staying actually at the farm, so at least twice a day she had to go to visit rabbits, hens, cows, goats and donkeys…

Now we have more energy, and we are ready to go back to work.

Please, take a look at the photos in our 3 new galleries (just click on the icons in this post)…

One thought on “(EN) March – April 2011

  1. Alina was such a great woman with a beautiful heart and evreyone was happy to share life with her. Personaly i was very happy when Dominik gave her a chance to be in our workshops and work in the bakery workshop.
    We will always miss her.
    The pilgrimage was great and we had very good time each one of us. It was a special day of its kind, thanks also to you Dominik and Agnieszka for organising and also for allowing us see the possibilities of having such occassions once in a while as Marleen team.
    I was very privileged to visit you guys and the Larche Kenya back in Subukia, and sure, you had good time. The short time we visited you, we had good time with everyone and its special to celebrate and share life in a such way.
    During the last day of Alina in Kenya, we were happy to be with her in the gorges and have mass in the bush all of us with kids of Talitha Kum, St Rose, Drop In Centre, Rehabilitation and Effatha community. It was so special.
    Thanks Dominik, Agnieszka and Sara for helping us get even to know what happened each month, through your continued updates in your blog.
    Keep up the good work.

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