(EN) May 2011

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Last month was full of various events. In the beginning of the month Dominik attended National Prayer Day in Subukia, where he was asked to photograph the event. The event was very succesfull, and the money collected during the harambee, allows to continue with building the new shrine.

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Also last month we started home visits of families of people with intellectual disabilities living in the area. It is very interesting to listen to their life stories, to see the conditions they live in and the way the family and local community is able or is strugling to welcome them among themselves.

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Few weeks ago we had visitors from Italy, who are the ‘clown doctors’. Those who have seen the movie ‘Patch Adams’ will know what it means. Basically they are doctors, who are the best to work with children. During their visit here they worked in schools, hospitals, prisons… We managed to meet with them while they visited Talitha Kum – Children’s Home. Sara surely enjoyed the event.

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And finally, we just came back from the weekend we spent at Ol Pajeta Conservancy. It was very relaxing time for us. Michael – from Effatha – joined us for this trip. We spent a lot of time driving in the conservancy, trying to spot some animals. And you can see on the photos – the views were magnificent, as the conservancy is just by Mount Kenya.

Now we are getting ready to welcome Bogusia – Agnieszka’s sister, who is coming for experience in St.Martin CSA. We are looking forward to have her with us.

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