Visitors, visitors…

Goscie, goscieJuly and August are holiday months in many countries in Europe. Ironically, they are also the coldest months in Nyahururu. However, cold and rainy weather didn’t stop many visitors from visiting us. But not only St.Martin and L’Arche Kenya got very busy, as our home was also the place of welcome for many.

We welcomed 3 young women from Poland who were travelling through East Africa. To surprise of many they were hitchhiking. Not very common mode of travel here, but they proved to be very successfull. You can find more about their project here: http://www.facebook.com/projekt.afrymind?ref=ts. It is in Polish only, but plenty of pictures to see as well.

Then our house became a home to 7 young people from Polish Highlands. Their project was to travel through East Africa while dressed in regional outfits. The idea was to challenge the African cultures with that of Polish Highlands. The response of African communities was quite interesting. Please se their pictures at their website: http://zywcemwafryce.wordpress.com/aktualnosci/ and facebook: http://www.facebook.com/zywcem.

There are many more who came to visit us for a shorter time. Now we have more quiet time, though we already know about some people who come in a few weeks. We are really looking forward to the visitors coming, since we are always happy to share a bit our life and experiences with those who come.

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