July, August… September?

July, August… September? … Wow, I can’t believe it is already September. The time really flies. We barely settled down after returning from holidays in Europe, and now we are already planning for December visit. But surely we don’t have time to get bored. A lot is happening in the community. In last few weeks we celebrated the birthday of Maurice. Also we were happy to welcome the visitors from L’Arche International – Patrick and Alice. Patrick is the Delegate Coordinator for L’Arche in East Africa, and Alice is preparing to take over this role from him. It was very good visit. We requested Patrick to preapre the formation for us. He talked about ‘commitment and belonging’. It was very interesting session. He also mentioned about small traditions in various communities and that we should value and protect those traditions. Fortunately in the evening of the same day as formation we celebrated Maurice’s birthday – so we made sure that we keep our tradition and despite the fact it was a cold evening, we washed Maurice properly. We also said goodbye to Bogusia, who finished her experience in St.Martin and returned to Poland. But just before her departure we decided to spend some time with her in Naivasha. It was also good opportunity for us to relax a bit. Now we are busy with developments in the community, but we are looking forward to see the changes.

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