October 2011

Past few weeks were very busy in our family and in our community. On 30th September with all members of L’Arche Kenya we decided to take a day off, and go to some nice place to relax. We chose to go to Crescent Island on the lake Naivasha. You can see on the photos, that everyone really enjoyed the trip. On that day we were also to have our first community gathering, but the weather had different plan for us. Because of rain we had to postpone our gathering. But now we know it was actually better to have a gathering back in Nyahururu. During the meeting we listened to the presentation from homes and workshops. We also watched a simple drama about the beginnings of L’Arche and as it was also the moment to celebrate L’Arche International Family Day we prepared the cards for other communities which we have any links with. Finally we heard about all upcoming events and activities in the community. One weekend we had a big celebration of welcoming new core-members to our community. It is good to see the community growing.

During this time we also welcomed Dafydd Jones and his daughter Cate, who came to visit us. We hope they had a good experience here in Kenya. And we are grateful for the support they offered to our community (and our family). Together with them we also visited a few places to enrich their stay in Kenya, but also for us – to relax a bit. So we went to OlPejeta Conservancy, and for one day to Subukia.

And only yesterday, some of the members of Marleen Crafts went to one of the hotels in Naivasha for the Crafts Fair. We decided to visit them also. There we discovered that in the hotel there was a great playground for children… That’s why on the photos you won’t actually see the crafts fair, but just as our stay there looked like – Sara in her ‘paradise’.

Please – feel welcome to see all the photos – we have plenty of them in the galleries attached.

One thought on “October 2011

  1. Its wonderful and more to get to know the new n upcoming things. Well done and keep up the good work.

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