February-March 2012

Few weeks ago we welcomed in our workshops the parents of core members. We invited them to spend some time with us and share about latest developments in our project. And we had quite a lot to share, since our workshops have really changed. To the existing workshops (Candles, Crafts and Bakery) we added two new ones – Kitchen and Carpentry. Now we can offer our core members wide range of activities where we can involve people of diverse abilities. Additionally we have structured our leisure activities in the afternoons to introduce core members into various ways of relaxing (walks, gym session, music session) or expressing themselves (core members’ meeting, drama session, creative prayer).

The parents were impressed with the project and expressed desire to meet more frequently.

To improve our work, few members of L’Arche Kenya attended the workshop of making Assistive Cardboard Equipment. The workshop was led by Jean and Margaret from UK. We learnt how to make customised cardpoard equipments for children with cerebral palsy. You will find a few photos in our gallery, but to see more you can read their own blog: http://www.cpaequipment.blogspot.com/

On 24th February we stopped all our daily activities to go for a short reflection. This year we also went for a pilgrimage to Subukia. On this day we reflected on the gospel of Betania. To understand this story better we chose to involve all our senses. We listened to the gospel, we watched a short fragment of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ about Mary washing Jesus’s feet with the nard perfume, some of our core members also entered into this story through drama and finally we were all anointed with nard perfume. Then we also had a chance to express ourselves in artistic way, by preparing the picture of Betania. The whole day was very enriching and helped us to start the reflection for the remaining days of Lent.

In the evening of the very same day we received the news from Patrick Fountain, who informed us that L’Arche Kenya has been officially accepted as a member of federation of L’Arche communities. Despite the tiredness after the whole day of activities in Subukia, we all met for dinner in Effatha Home and we celebrated. We guess that the members of international board had a similar celebration that evening, since we believe that welcoming L’Arche Kenya into the federation is a great gift to the family of L’Arche.

As a direct result of becoming full member of Federation our community is sending 3 representatives to L’Arche General Assembly to Atlanta. To prepare for that event we met for a community gathering, to share what it means to be a member of L’Arche, and also to reflect on our own commitment in the community. During the gathering we also planned the events for coming months.

Then after this busy time in the community the teams of assistants from houses and from the workshops decided to relax a bit, and go for an outing. In the gallery you will find some photos from the outing of workshops team.

This time of rest was necessary, as right after coming back we started another busy time in the community – preparing for Easter.

Like for every L’Arche community around the world, it very important time.

On Maundy Thursday we started early in the morning with slaughtering the goat and lamb. Then all members of our community met in Effatha Home for Passover Meal. Everyone with great curiosity was tasting various traditional Jewish dishes. But at the same time everyone was looking forward for the main dish – goat and lamb. That was really a great feast.

After the meal we moved to the chapel where we celebrated the Mass during which we washed each other’s feet.

On Good Friday most members of our community joined the parish for way of the cross.

And on Saturday evening – as every year – we went to Flora Farm to celebrate the resurrection Mass.

Finally, throughout this busy time in the community, we also were quite busy as a family. Some of our friends came to spend some time with us. We are always happy to welcome visitors to our home. It also helps us to go out a bit more and see some interesting places. Monika came to us from Spain. We didn’t know her before, but we are really happy we could meet her. She was very enthusiastic about having an experience in the programmes of St.Martin, but also she got actively involved in L’Arche Kenya by teaching us flamenco dance, and also introducing relaxation during our music session.

Sylwia is our friend from L’Arche in Wroclaw, and it was great to be with her and talk about ‘old times’… But she didn’t come here only to visit us, but to work in our Crafts Workshop. Sylwia, with her artistic perspective was able to help us to design some nice cards, which we can continue to produce now.

She also stayed with us for Easter which helped us to celebrate according to Polish traditions. Also Ewa ( the one who used to work in St.Martin) joined us for Easter celebrations. Together we went to Subukia, where we spent some time with Polish Franciscans.

Now we are slowly getting back to work, and we already realise that it won’t be any less busy than past few months.

There are many photos in our galleries. To see them simply click on the icons in this post.

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