April 2012

May 2012It’s hard to believe that we are starting last six months of our mission in Kenya. We are deciding now what should be our next step. We are very close to making this decision, and we hope we will be able to announce it in our next post. For now we are still very busy here in Kenya.

A lot of changes in the community. We have a new mandate for the community, and now we are discerning for the new house and workshop leaders. Maurice is about to go for a retreat to Trosly (France) and then to Atlanta for General Assembly of L’Arche.

We celebrated the birthday of Sara. She was really happy to welcome visitors, and play with other children. For few weeks she was a bit affected by rash on the neck (as you can see on one of the photos) caused by Nairobi Fly. But she was very brave going through this pain and discomfort.

A big highlight of past few weeks was a visit of Gerry McPartlin from Scotland. Gerry was raising funds for L’Arche Kenya. It was great to have him here. He made the presentation about his Munro Challenge, which made great impact on all members of L’Arche Kenya. We had a chance to see that the money which funds our projects does not grow on the tree, and it is raised through someones sacrifice, commitment and effort. You can read more about Gerry on his blog: http://dglmf.wordpress.com/gerrys-munro-blog/.

Gerry came with some of his friends. It was great to meet with them, and we hope to keep in touch.

Few weeks ago, we had training in our bakery workshop. Sister Feliksa (of Polish origin) from Nairobi, came for a few days to work with us. It was great to have her. Leah and Evelynne learned a lot, and now already we noticed the increase in the orders for cakes.

Finally, I also try not to forget about my passion – photography. Michael (the one who lives in Effatha) writes books for St.Martin. And he is the one who helps me to get creative. Each time the new book is published he asks me to do the photos for the book. Few months ago I worked on photos for the book about education (DEAR… Letters to Cherish and Challenge Education). And few days ago we finished working on the book about addictions (WHAT I NEVER TOLD YOU. Memoirs of Recovering Addict.) The covers of both books you can find below:

Dear_Letters to cover

What I Never Told You Cover

One thought on “April 2012

  1. Your blog always keeps us informed of all the happenings in our community. Keep up the spirit going and the good work

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