May-June 2012

As promised, in this post I will say where we will go after our mission in Kenya. And I don’t think you will be surprised, as we decided to go back to Brecon, where we feel very much at home. But I’m sure you will be surprised to hear, that we will be back already in 2 weeks!

Yes, yes… By the end of June we will be back in Brecon!

As you know, for a while now we’ve been discerning about this step, and after consultations with L’Arche Kenya we came to the conclusion, that for the community here, and for our family it will be easier that we continue our mission from distance. It will help the community in Kenya to start living in the reality ‘without us’, and at the same still to receive our support if needed.

For our family it is also easier, as we will have some transition period, which will help us to make this move stress free…

So, we continue with our mission as planned, but for the last 6 months we change the place of operation.

For now we are still in Kenya, and still very busy. We are finalizing the tasks which require our physical presence in the community, and we make the list of the tasks which we will continue from the UK.

In L’Arche Kenya it is also very busy time. Last weekend we welcomed youth from local schools for an Open Day. It was the time the young people could hear about L’Arche, and could meet with assistants and core-members.

Maurice is still in Atlanta, attending the General Assembly of L’Arche. Every day we receive the newsletter from the gathering in form of photos and videos. All members of L’Arche Kenya meet during the tea break to see the updates from Atlanta. Each time people spot Maurice on the photo, thay start cheering and clapping. We all miss him very much, and looking forward for his return next week.

Last Sunday, we visited Franciscans in Subukia. It is good to see Fr.Bogus back, after his sabathical year. We had lunch together with all brothers, then we went for coffee and cake, and finally we walked up the hill to the spring. It was really nice Sunday afternoon.

Now, in Europe many people follow the matches of Euro 2012. Though we don’t have a TV at home, we try to follow our national team. Tomorrow night Poland will play with Russia. This time, I will join our franciscan brothers in Subukia, to watch together the match. Fingers crossed!

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