Out of Africa

Our last few weeks in Kenya were very busy. We tried to complete some tasks at work, and it was the time to say ‘goodbye’ to all our friends. Also we had to find some time to pack. It was time full of emotions, and it is still not easy to write about it.

For the last week of our stay in Kenya we gave a camera to Gladys (the one who stayed with Sara) and we asked her to take photos at places where Sara normally went during the day. We were very surprised to see the result. We realised that we had no idea what Sara used to do during the day. Take a look at the photos in the gallery ‘The Secret Life of Sara’. You will be surprised how busy Sara used to be.

Another thing which we decided to do before our departure was to visit Crescent Island – the place we like very much. We invited Gladys to join us for the trip, as a ‘Thanks’ for looking after Sara for two and a half years. We all enjoyed the day very much.

The day before leaving Kenya we invited all our friends for lunch at our home. It was our farewell party. As you can imagine, after 2.5 years we have a lot of friends there, so we organized lunch for over 90 people! It was rather simple, informal celebration, but still full of emotional ‘goodbyes’.

And finally, we were taken to Nairobi by the group of 12 members of L’Arche Kenya. We had dinner together, and then we were escorted to the airport. Just a few last hugs and goodbyes, and we were on our way back home.

We have left Kenya, but our mission is not finished. For the next 6 months we continue supporting L’Arche Kenya from Wales. There are still many tasks we are to complete. So, we continue our journey together with our friends in Kenya, and we will keep you updated about the progress of this work.

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