Back in Europe

It’s been more than one month since our return, but we still haven’t settled down. It feels more like if we were on holiday and about to return to Kenya. Slowly we have to get used to the idea that we are back.

In the first week in Brecon we managed to get a car, rent a flat (and furnish it), book a preschool for Sara (so she can start in September), and meet with many of our friends. It was very busy week for all of us. But then we realised that we have one month until we actually start work for L’Arche Brecon, so we thought to use this time to visit our family in Poland. We went together for one week, but then Dominik returned to Brecon while Agnieszka and Sara stayed for further 2 weeks. Sara was very glad to see the grandparents and spend time with her cousin Antek and some other friends.

Don’t be surprised then that in the photo gallery you will see mostly photos of Sara.

This past month we have used also to work a bit more for L’Arche Kenya.

Now we are all back in Brecon, but not about to ‘settle down’ since this coming Sunday together with all members of L’Arche Brecon we will go for 2 week community holiday to Kent.

2 thoughts on “Back in Europe

  1. Am happy that you are catching up well and that sara enjoyed her holiday. For now we wish you all the best and enjoy your holiday in Kent. We miss you alot

  2. Dear Agnieska, Sara & Dominik,
    First, thank you again for your hospitality at L’Arche Kenya and also Dominik for your great kindness in driving Gerry, Lily and me to Nanyuki. We had a wonderful time in Kenya but the visit to L’Arche was the highlight. I was sorry you had to leave Kenya but you sound like you have made great progress in Brecon. All the very best for the future. If you need a bed for the night in London – we live in the outskirts about 45 minutes by train from Victoria station.
    David Murray

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