Back in Kenya

I heard that whatever way you spend your new year’s eve up until the clock strikes midnight, that’s how the next year will be for you.

While many of you were opening champagnes, watching beautiful fireworks, and celebrating with family and friends to welcome the New Year, our family spent that evening in a quite usual for us way – packing and preparing for a trip.

On the first day of 2013, we were on our way to Kenya.

Well, kind of, our way to start the new year…

NyahururuWe received very warm welcome in the community. It was great to meet everyone again. Sara was a bit shy in the beginning, but quickly, once again, Gladys was her best friend.

First few days we spent on visiting friends, spending some time in L’Arche homes and sharing meals with members of Marleen Crafts. We shared with everyone all gifts we brought from the UK (thanks to our friends in Wales). Musa received his new wheelchair. He was very happy to have it, although he kept asking whether everyone will be able to see him. He is so proud to go through town in his new ‘KBB vehicle’ – as he calls it. We also welcomed Jane Salmonson. We were happy to finally meet her in Nyahururu.

Crescent IslandOnce we managed to greet all our friends, we were ready to do some work. We had several meetings, Agnieszka lead one formation, Dominik spent some time with Peter in the workshops trying to catch up with latest developments. But also, with help from Jane, we wanted to do some small evaluation of our project.

Fortunately, we didn’t spend all our time in the office on the meetings. We managed to go for a short trip to our favourite place – Crescent Island. We all enjoyed the walk, followed by nice lunch. The outing was so nice, that we were late for supper with Thomas, but he still welcomed us with open arms, and offered us the best supper!

Awareness in MochongoiOn Sunday we joined L’Arche in visiting the parish in Mochongoi to raise awareness about people with intellectual disabilities.

Few days before leaving we attended the workshop in Flora Farm to evaluate the work of OT workshops. It was great to see how passionate and committed people are in this project.

Workshop at Flora FarmFinally, before going for our holidays, we visited Fr.Arek in Nairobi. It was great to see him again.

I could keep writing about this visit, and I will never be able to describe what we experienced there. Probably it is better you take a look at the photos which capture it better than words.

Holiday in MombasaThen, we decided to treat ourselves with personal holidays! So, we went for 3 days to Mombasa, to relax a bit by Indian Ocean. It was great to be there, and for the first time experience really ‘african’ temperatures. Fortunately we had air conditioning in our room, so we were able to sleep. Sara enjoyed spending time in the swimming pool, or building castles on the beach. And surely, we all enjoyed good food, and generally being in ‘relaxation mode’.

 We went to Kenya to wrap up our project – to finalise it, and to close this chapter in our life. But this isn’t the outcome of our visit

We realised, that instead, we started to write new chapter in our life. Through sharing with our friends we got some new ideas, new perspectives, new hopes.

Instead of saying good bye, we realised that it might just be the beginning of our journey together.

Thank you all friends in L’Arche Kenya for journeying with us.

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