(EN) Our History

Everything began in March 2003 when both of us arrived to a newly born L’Arche community in Wrocław (Poland). It was a time of creating: a time full of emotions, a time of building new relationships with new core members gradually arriving, a time of learning about each other. It was a challenge, but each minute had a value.

During this time our friendship grew. quite quickly we discovered that our relationship is a precious one. Apart from working together we had common passions (e.g. films and travels).

In January 2006 Dominik went to L’Arche Daybreak in Canada for a year. Agnieszka hoped to join him there in September, but it didn’t go exactly as planned. Suddenly Agnieszka received the invitation to become a Community Leader in L’Arche Brecon – and without thinking too long she said ‘yes’ to it. She went to Canada just for a few weeks for her holiday.

Our relationship survived the time of separation. In February 2006 Dominik joined Agnieszka in Brecon. We had to start from scratch. Dominik had to find a job, we had to look for a flat and try to find friends who would share our passions. Being a part of L’Arche Brecon helped a lot as L’Arche has always been an important part of our lives. Dominik’s job helped as well to broaden our circle of friends. Our roots helped us to become part of a Polish community in the area, but being able to represent Brecon and go to Africa was a real turning point for us. We came back not only inspired by what we had experienced, but also engaged.

In July 2008 we got married and 9 months after (April 2009) our baby daughter Sara came into the world. But as Africa has been calling us back, we do everything to move to the place where we got engaged and hope to celebrate Sara’s first birthday as a family well settled in Nyahururu (Kenya).

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